2022/09/04 - Grand Sierra Theatre - Reno, NV

From Twitter…

Set 1: Similar Skin>Resolution>Spires, Day Nurse, The Fuzz>Uncommon, New Wings>Go To Hell

Set 2: 3X>In The Kitchen, Women, Wine, & Song>Pure Saturation, JaJunk, The Pequod>August

Encore: Dump City

Looks like a night of bustouts in the Biggest Little City. Excited to hear the jams when this one is released. The last three nights leading up to it were solid.

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These days if a set has two good jams they keep my attention the whole time, I consider it a good set. For some reason, I went right to S2 on this one. Junk and Kitchen both pretty good. Thought the little jam in August was awesome and would have been JOTN, if a little longer

Down side of the show, 11 min between Spires and Fuzz :see_no_evil:. Fuzz is whatever, but give me all of the Spires jams

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Definitely some tiredness started to show through on this show. It’s still alright though. Just lots of jams that can more accurately be described as “prolonged segues”, especially in the first set.

Second set, things start to get a bit more serious. I think Kitchen, as it often is, is the best jam of the show - this groove is every bit as infectious as Oakland Night Nurse. Jajunk is a long, interesting one that goes off into stereotypical dance and then stereotypical jazz territory and then almost gets aborted by good ol’ Bayliss around 7:50 (funny, right?) before they decide to build the atmosphere instead. It’s fun.

Also, the metal groove in the Dump City encore absolutely raged. This is actually the 2nd straight playing Dump City has been relegated to the encore slot (Outer Banks in July was the last one), and I highly recommend both of them.


The outro jam out of Sim Skin is only like 2 mins but it’s really proggy and dope. First set is just micro jams everywhere. Thought the Triple Wide was really solid. And yeah that Dump jam is wild but my god do they absolutely trainwreck the transition back into the end of the song.


Ah gosh, yes, this. Forgot to mention that. Someone (Jake I think?) skipped a section :slight_smile: Pretty hilarious.

This and the 1st jam of Reso gave me some Tool vibes.

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Whoever is posting as Farag on nugs is amazing

This dump city is short but god damn the fast metal/chugging part at the end… what would the kids say… it slaps. No cap.

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Totally. And the light show was definitely channeling it too, especially during Dump


Also came here to mention the Similar Skin outro. I’d like to see them do stuff like that more often.

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New Wings may feature Joel’s worst background vocals of any song in the catalog


I love the song but agreed that the backing vox live are bad. They should just let Bayliss sing alone…

This is a pretty good little triple wide by todays standards