2022/09/01 - Observatory North Park - San Diego, CA

Set 1: Get In The Van, Seasons, Roctopus > Phil’s Farm, So Much > Educated Guess > Blue Echo → Rocker Part 2

Set 2: Escape Goat > Partying Peeps, Conduit > Ringo, Get Your Milk (Right Here) > Puppet String

Encore: Higgins

Old Setlist w/ jam notes

1: Gitv , seasons (Jake led, long jam), rocktopus > phils (meh), so much > educated > blue echo (good and dancy but short) → rocker 2

2: escape goat (melodic and cool) > partying peeps , conduit (dark) > ringo (epic Bayliss lead guitar, into repeat stew?) , milk (no jam) > puppet

E: Higgins


1st set just has way too many songs which does a disservice to Blue Echo > Rocker 2 which could easily be a 30+ minute segment if they wanted. Interesting to see Educated Guess pop up 2 weeks in a row. Second set looks like it could be very cool though. Probably a Bayliss set.


The meh Phil’s and no jam milk makes me sad but looking forward to listening to this one. Especially the dark conduit.

1st set was too many songs for sure, but was also a really long set (80+ min). Was expecting the Rocker 2 to be standardtown, but had a decent little jam. From memory Seasons jam and 2 jam Ringo were highlights. Overall, not the most flow I’ve ever seen out of a setlist, but some good stuff contained in the individual songs’ jams.


I don’t like the last few times playing educated guess with no jam. Especially when you cram so much, educated, blue echo towards the end of the set. Rather cut both songs and have a huge jam in echo.


Conduit had serious northerly island vibes

Up on nugs already

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song times look great. fucken love Peeps too.


^ Escape Goat > Partyin’ Peeps, Conduit, Ringo


Fuckin a this Conduit :hot_face:

Love the Escape Goat. It’s not the most unique jam out there but it’s exactly what I want to hear out of this song. Great stuff.

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Escape goat and ringo jams both very good

Unfortunately I thought the escape goat jam was a little boring, I mean it was good, but it didn’t seem like any risks were taken. I enjoyed the Ringo very much.

I enjoyed it but it was decidedly unexceptional. But no more standard versions please. I really love this song.

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Yeah it was good but it seemed like they forced it into the peak a little. The Ringo 1st jam on the other hand is awesome, super patient jam.


The first Ringo jam blew me away


Same, absolutely glorious.


GD I love this Ringo jam!

Due to reasons, ended up not getting around to this until after LA/Oakland. And this…is a work of art. It’s rare they play a set consistently excellent as this 2nd anymore, and then when Seasons is an all-time version too…pretty glorious. I might have to relisten to Asheville N1 tomorrow to see whether that or this is the best of 2022 :slight_smile:

This Escape Goat has a pretty awesome organic peak, and then the wind-down is pretty cool and has a lot of great ideas too. That ending bit when Bayliss is playing the funky riff and Jake is chugging could be the foundation of a good jam on its own, but it’s just the segue here. Ringo 1st jam is a great example of patience. They really dig in and take the time to make sure this one goes all the way and then they just use the 2nd one to do a nice atmospheric cooldown. The dark Conduit groove is super unique and tight. And the Seasons stew was likely at least partially pre-composed, but it is super pretty and manages to actually keep the intensity going past the composed portion.

It seems the Jake hiatus really lit a fire under them, and I’m looking forward to riding that wave as long as it lasts. Hope one of Richmond or Wilmington later this month is this good.

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