2022/05/29 - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

2022/05/29 - Three Sisters Park - Chillicothe, IL

One Set: 2nd Self, Push the Pig, Bad Friday, Women Wine and Song > The Linear > Walletsworth, Slacker, It Doesn’t Matter, FF > Day Nurse

Good looking afternoon set.

Is umphreys back?

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Slacker with Futureman on percussion

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Slacker was great. Highlight of the set. Day nurse was weird. I’m surprised they started it with 4 minutes left of their set.

Seems like an odd choice to have him sit in on but ok, interested to hear it

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I checked this out because I was curious. Day Nurse is actually almost always the same 3-minute vamp repeated twice through. This time they just did it once, came to an ending major chord together, and stopped. A pretty unique version.

This show is one where they try the “3 minute jams in almost every song” approach, and meh. Still enjoyable song selection though.

Didn’t hear a ton in this show that’d be worth a relisten. Ringo N1 probably the best of the weekend IMO. Some decent track times early in the weekend, but not a ton stood out and then they shortened it up as the weekend went on.

I dunno, DATC posted the setlist with “Never miss a Sunday show”, so clearly it must have been a heater

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DATC is the worst.

Interesting because I didn’t really enjoy that Ringo

You don’t like cshore jams? :broken_heart:

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I’ll give it a relisten on some edibles

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