2022/01/28 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI

Set One:

Push the Pig, Plunger > Syncopated Strangers > Out of Order, Bad Friday, I Don’t Know What I Want > All in Time

Set Two:

Mantis > Draconian > Mantis, Cut The Cable > 3x, Divisions




  • Plunger jam never quite got there
  • no synco jam
  • band seems off
  • new song was rough (to be expected)
  • AiT jam had that turbo funk style we all know with a little somethin extra at the end
  • Mantis JOTN. Psychedelic. Dancey. Solid 7-8 min
  • Jake ripcord Draconian
  • CtC was Rawk version
  • 3x had a super weird ripcord. Sounded like a second theme was building and it abruptly just stopped. Weird


7 songs seems rather good for improv. 2022 standards speaking


Seems about right for tonight. Jake must go


Pop a Kula in there

That’s an awesome looking setlist. Not sure which song it was in, but saw that UM FB or Twitter posted a vid of mini Jake or Brenden dancing on the stage. The grove going on at that moment sounded awesome. Show could very well blow, but that 5 seconds sounded :ok_hand:

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Not time for cohesion when we canceling canel culture.

First Fillmore run ive missed in years. Forgot it was even happening. Love that room.


5 song S2. Couldn’t have been much more than 60 minutes. Had a lot of fun. First sober UM show in a long while.


Sounded okay. Chompers in background.

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Hell yea, man! My first show without drinking felt a little odd at first, but have been to multiple concerts lately without booze and now i dont even notice it. Still always seem to have some vice going still, but still feels good. Keep at it.

Edit: ha, and if it was just a random night of no booze and youre about to crush a bottle back at the crib, that is dope, too. Much love, bud.


Is Bayliss lazy again

yyyd they have to abandon 13 minutes of s2 like that

edit: lol bad at math nvm

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At least they cut Remind Me from the encore slot. Stereotypical Umphrey’s setlist writing (right here).

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Mantis > Draco > mantis should be like 50 min


Should be. Jake freaked out during the Draco jam. He didn’t know what to do so he peaked it.

Felt like Jake also missed the cue on going back into Bad Friday and kept going.

The 3x thing was weird. My wife and I were both very confused. Felt like they were starting a new theme > awkward rip chord.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun. Mantis jam was great. Excited to relisten to that.

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Nah, after NYE run, I decided it was time to re-evaluate my relationship with booze and music. Decided to start with this two night hometown run. Felt appropriate. I think if I was hammered tonight, I woulda been more critical. Instead, I was able to still enjoy myself. It’s amazing how much stuff you notice while sober.

But thanks dude!! Round 2 tomorrow. I got this.


Ahh for the days when Draconian was delivering primo jams…

Serious question though, after the previous night would the band jam longer without Jake? Or does BB initiate most of the ripcords now

not with that song selection, in a perfect world…

Plunger & All in Time would be at least 35+ mins
Push the Pig, Syncopated & Bad Friday would all have jams and be 12+ mins each

but you still have to throw in OoO and that new song on top of what could’ve been 70ish minutes of music.