2022/01/23 - Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA

2022/01/23 - Penn’s Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA

Set 1: Eat > Higgins, The Linear > Day Nurse, Ocean Billy, End of the Road, Wife Soup

Set 2: Bridgeless, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Utopian Fir > Tom Sawyer > Utopian Fir > Women Wine and Song, Miami Virtue > Conduit

Encore: Puppet String

OB is the 1st set MVP. Standalone Bridgeless to start the 2nd set was the 2nd set MVP. Higgins had a good warmup jam. Linear got pretty out there iirc, Nurse got drummed/extended a tiny bit. Milk > Fir was sweet and that Fir had a few sections that they definitely milked a bit, nice to see some patience. MV > Conduit was a good way to end the 2nd set. Puppet encore jam was solid for what it was, good amount of improv in this show. Notable: EOTR was a nice treat.

All in all good show! They definitely can jam when they want to, glad to have made the trek! Getting closer and closer to that 50 milestone, I had a good time

B+ ~ A- show


Nice, glad you had a good time. Hope work wasn’t too rough today or you took the day off.

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Thanks man! I went the responsible route, hotel’d it and took the day today, since I wasn’t trying to be starting my week on a recoup day. Was for sure the right move, lol

@thefussyasianman this was a reply to you


Oof this Tom Sawyer

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Finally catching up after a long UM break. Just came here to say that it’s not JOTY or anything but this Conduit is EXACTLY what I want out of a “short” UM jam. Such good layering and build.

Also, this Puppet probably ruined a lot of trips :slight_smile: Geez, lol.