2021/11/13 - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO

Set 1: It’s Gonna Be A Long Night, Eat, Remind Me, FF[1] > Hajimemashite, Domino Theory, Go to Hell, August[2], Cult of Personality[3]

Set 2: It Doesn’t Matter > Ocean Billy > Uncommon > Hangover > The Triple Wide[4] > 1348

Encore: Feel Like Makin’ Love[5] > Glory

[1] with “Birthday Bass Jam” intro
[2] with Human Nature (Michael Jackson) bass intro
[3] debut, Living Colour
[4] Stairway to Heaven outro
[5] debut, Bad Company

Listening Guide:

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I think I am going to go ahead and throw this Remind Me in my top 10 jams of the year so far. It may not objectively be one of their best, but this hit the spot for me. Jam is fleshed out and interesting throughout, and the transition back into the metal was absolutely perfect, which hit harder after listening to botched versions of jam > comp the past 3 years. Also a sucker for the track itself so I was wanting to love it

Two jam billy?

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That’s the only way that song should be played.


I though i had it in my notes but it was later in thread. They played Billy > jam > finished Billy > white noise > jam

I saw BB after and told him they should do that again sometime and how its fun to keep fans on toes a bit more with jam placement. He was excited about my comment. Assuming because i didnt have a purple suit on sucking him off about every note


This FF jam blows up pretty fast, not the usual dub or soaring/uplifting fare that you get in that tune. Still though, why is every jam aborted right when it seems they are about to crush a monster peak?

It’s too bad IDM is a two slotted vehicle now IMO. Cant remember the last time that song let a jam breathe. Pry 2019?

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I agree with your overall sentiment. However, on first listen, the second slot in this IDM absolutely fucks.