2020/10/09 - Drive In at the Speedway - Hampton, GA


Set 1: Le Blitz > Educated Guess, Andy’s Last Beer, Nothing Too Fancy > Comma Later > Nothing Too Fancy, Cemetery Walk > Whistle Kids -> Utopian Fir[1]

Set 2: Miss Tinkle’s Overture, 2x2, Ringo -> Kimble, Similar Skin > In The Kitchen

Encore: The Weight Around, The Silent Type

[1] with Ain’t Talkin’ 'Bout Love (Van Halen) jam and quote

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[2] with “Mrs. Robinson’s Strut” (in Ringo)

This setlist looks so much better than anything in Chicago.

Listening Guide:

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I’ll get the other show up tomorrow night

Listening back to this show on nugs, I thought it had great moments and jams. The show was very high energy, funky and danceable. If I were present I would have been gettin down the whole night. The whole N2F/Comma Later segment was ultra tasty with some cool melodic sections and great playing. The 20 minute utopian to end the set was awesome and built around a cool guitar riff that gave the band plenty of space to explore, especially Joel and stasik. Stasik kicks into a super funky bass line with a different chord progression that they build before returning to the main theme and ending jam 1. Jam 2 made its way into a great ska-like section before hitting a big peak and ending the tune.

Tinkles had yet another great Stasik bass line reminiscent of the talking heads’ this must be the place. 2x2 had this heavy dark bass moog driven build jam with lots of dissonant chords from Jake, short, but sweet, and different. Sure, Ringo had Miss Robinson’s in place of the second jam. But the first jam was another dark, evil fuzz bass slow build that Jake and Bayliss took turns metal riffing over. I’ll take these concise dark jams with interesting playing over 20 minute trance jams where nothing happens any day. The similar skin jam had an interesting Arabic sound with sound effects from Joel over the top of it and then modulated to a major chord before finishing in a big peak. Also, I think Similar Skin is a great song. It seemed like Joel is in the mix a little more on this recording and I was noticing all this cool stuff from him throughout the show, especially his rhoads playing. Overall, great song selection, sound quality, and flow. I listened to N2 as well but thought thus was a much more interesting show.

Listening to N2F on this, Stasik’s theme really reminds me of the stews they revived for 2013 UMBowl. Gave me chills. Really solid melody.