2020-07-11 Joel Cummins, Zoom Zoom Room

here is the joel setlist from this past saturday in celebration of my wife’s birthday (7/8) and our anniversary (7/13)

improv -> blue rhonda a la turk (brubeck), doctor gradus ad parnassum (debussy) -> part 2c (keith jarrett koln concert), wife soup -> birthday (beatles) -> wife soup, blackbird (beatles) -> eyes of the world -> rising bird (joel vocal original) -> eyes of the world -> rainbow (kacey musgraves), cemetary walk 2

banter included the mike schmidt story, rainbow being the first song played while holding his newborn daughter, 1 wisecrack about joel being old (my clarifying that the story he told from his childhood was indeed before the chicago fire).

a great time was had


I fucking love Rainbow. Song slaps.