2019 Superlatives

Top 10 Shows:

Standout Sets:
1/11 II
1/12 II
1/25 II
1/26 II
1/31 II
2/15 II
3/2 I
3/10 II
3/21 II
3/29 I
3/29 II
4/4 II
5/24 II
6/23 III
7/3 I
7/19 I
8/3 II
8/15 II
8/17 I
8/29 II
8/30 I

Standout Jams (JOTY bolded):
1/11 Mantis
1/12 Ocean Billy
1/18 Attachments
1/25 Hurt Bird Bath
1/26 1348
1/26 Utopian Fir
1/31 Robot World
2/2 It Doesn’t Matter
2/14 Blue Echo
2/14 1348
2/15 Plunger
2/15 Bad Friday
2/16 Mantis
2/21 It Doesn’t Matter
2/22 Utopian Fir
3/1 All In Time
3/1 Miami Virtue
3/2 Blue Echo
3/2 Night Nurse
3/9 Jajunk
3/10 Utopian Fir
3/21 Got Your Milk
3/21 Dump City
3/22 Plunger
3/23 Little Gift
3/29 It Doesn’t Matter
3/29 Plunger
3/29 Resolution
3/30 Spires
4/3 Intentions Clear
4/4 Linear
4/4 Remind Me
5/30 All In Time
5/31 Attachments
6/21 Cemetery Walk II
6/22 Utopian Fir
6/22 2x2
6/23 August
7/3 Similar Skin
7/3 Linear
7/5 Miami Virtue
7/6 1348
7/19 Bridgeless
7/19 All In Time
8/3 Utopian Fir
8/15 Remind Me
8/15 Plunger
8/16 Linear
8/17 In the Kitchen
8/17 Der Bluten Kat
8/22 Dump City
8/24 Robot World
8/25 Spires
8/29 Wappy Sprayberry
8/30 Eat
8/30 Little Gift
9/1 Phil’s Farm

Standout Jam Vehicles:
All In Time
It Doesn’t Matter
Ocean Billy
Remind Me
Utopian Fir
Little Gift

Best multi night runs:
1/25-1/26 Milwaukee
2/14-2/16 Brooklyn
8/15-8/17 Florida

Standout segments:
1/26 1348 > Silent Type
1/31 Robot World > Mail Package, Miami Virtue > Higgins
2/2 Bridgeless > It Doesn’t Matter
2/14 Ringo > Day Nurse > 1348
2/15 Plunger > Turn & Dub
2/16 Mantis > CW > CWII
3/1 Miami Virtue > Jajunk
3/2 Night Nurse > White Man’s Moccasins, Blue Echo
3/9 Jajunk > Booth Love, Intentions Clear > Jajunk
3/21 Got Your Milk > Professor Wormbog
3/29 It Doesn’t Matter, Plunger > Anchor Drops > Plunger
4/4 Remind Me, Mantis > Smell the Mitten
6/22 Half Delayed > Utopian Fir > The Fuzz > Glory
6/22 Attachments > 2x2
7/6 Mantis > 1348 > Mantis
8/15 Plunger > Slacker
8/17 Triangle Tear > 1348 > In the Kitchen > Visions > Mail Package
8/17 DBK > Higgins > DBK
8/25 Spires > Blue Echo > Booth Love
8/30 Cut Off > Eat > Linear > Hangover

Commence “Where does 12/30 Ringo fit in” conversation.

Additions from the rest of the NYE run? Definitely Phils…upon first listen I don’t know if it’s in my top 10 but it’s a standout for sure.

12/30 is definitely up there for SOTY. Initial thought is that it is the defining show of 2019. The Ringo is everything that is great about UM, managing to cover a ton of ground, with the rock peaks, soaring moments, chill dance vibes, dark house, fusion, all integrated together without seeming disjointed at all.

Sure, second set is just standard good UM but it’s still impressive that they managed to throw in a few more decent jams after that Ringo.

Agreed. It’s hard to fairly rank it because of the nature of the show but if I were to, I would say it’s in the top 3. The only shows that could give it a run for its money are 8/15 and 3/29 IMO

So my list would be:

Top 3:

Runner up for the top 5:

Rounding out the top 10:
8/29 (honorable mention/super attendance bias pick)

Love the Ringo and def a joty contender. But my top 3 shows are still


In that order.

I’m also a little salty we were promised and “improv set” and it was still probably 10 min of Ringo.

On another note, I’m still really in love with the 7/19 Attachments. Vote what ya want but that’s one of my fav jams of the year. SIYD

Ringo has like 5 mins of composed bits, so the 12/30 version has probably 56-57 mins of improv. You really salty about 5 mins?

The Ringo is JOTY. I mean if we break it down into three jams, all three are probably top 15 JOTY level in isolation.

I still think that the Milk and Dump from 3/21 are somewhere in my top 10. That said this Ringo is a thing of beauty and is definitely among the top 10 for most every list, hopefully including this one.

A little bit yeah. I mean it’s fire and may be JOTY. But we were promised an improv set. 5 minutes or not.

StoneJack I’ve heard that beef on UMFB groups that I lurk but I can’t agree. I feel like that’s just splitting hairs at that point, I actually liked how it was all centered around an original song that does’t have much in the way of composed parts and it was broken into pieces. I’m totally down for that. To each his own.

I feel like Ringo HAS to be the JOTY, and I stand by 8/15 Plunger for an alternate “normal” jam. But I have some serious listening back to do this weekend!

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I don’t think they ever have or ever will do an “All Improv Set”. The way they play composed jams so frequently makes me think they are walking out on stage with a couple agreed upon themes/ideas in their back pocket.

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LOL @ SJHollingsworth

yeah snucka this was well planned… just look at the SL:


1/28/26 and 1/27/17 were “all improv” sets. I don’t think they even had any outline for those jams.

Yeah, they had an outline for this Ringo but seem to have diverted from it quite a bit.

Personally, I would say the 21m middle jam is the “JOTY” for 2019, but I would include the first and third jams in the top 15 as well. The whole thing just crushes.

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Hm so was Nick supposed to sit in instead of Coffin?

I don’t think they had an outline for the improv sets, but I would bet more than likely some ideas they incorporated were preconceived.

If we want to be SJHollinsworth critical, unless Bayliss is freestyling, lyricals aren’t “all-improv”

Also, some parts of 1/28/16 seem incredibly developed out of thin air, which made me think it’s not all improvisation.

It’s not about a detailed outline. It’s them agreeing on themes/ideas beforehand that they work into a set.

Not trying to hate, I’m just saying UM improv isn’t as off the cuff as Spafford’s Chapel Jam or the 48 minute mark of the 11/29/97 Runaway Jim. And that’s totally okay.


yeah it’s clearly a different approach and creates a very different result than just noodling around and building something 100% organically. as to whether what UM does is “ACTUALLY all-improv” i’m not sure i gaf enough to debate the semantics

If you’re playing music that isn’t composed it’s improv lol. Very glad UM doesn’t noodle aimlessly and hope it works.

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This is my point.

Having said that I love the Ringo jam set and agree that it is probably SOTY (I really can’t let go of 8/15 Plunger).

Like I said maybe I’m listening to too much Biscuits and Spafford. Because it doesn’t apply to the way UM jams. They obviously like a little more structure. It’s like they’ve built up this standard and are afraid to fail at this point in their careers.

Taking risks is my favorite part about the jam scene. You get to see a band try to do something and maybe they will fail…but maybe, just maybe, they’ll lock in and hit that one perfect groove that will never be captured again.

If you’re gonna hype up an “all improv” set…play an all improv set. It’s not like they haven’t done it before. I feel like we’re talking in circles…

OP is great but missing all the fall stuff:

10/17 II
10/18 II
10/31 I
11/9 II
12/30 I

10/17 Dump City
10/17 DBK
10/18 FF
10/23 Robot World
10/23 All in Time
10/31 Dump City
12/28 Nemo
12/30 Ringo
12/31 All in Time
12/31 Phil’s Farm

10/18 Looks > FF > Conduit > N2F

I really think the Mantis > Tinkle’s from Philly N2S1(11/1) is a really solid 1, 2 punch. Maybe nothing amazing individually but together it makes for a strong, cohesive segment.