2019/08/23 - Iroquois Amphitheater - Louisville, KY

2019/08/23 - Iroquois Amphitheater - Louisville, KY

Set I: Catshot > Speak Up, #5, Stinko’s Ascension, Bad Poker > The Bottom Half, Smell the Mitten

Set II: Similar Skin, It Doesn’t Matter > Ringo > Miami Virtue, Ten Years Gone, The Fuzz > Ringo

E: The Silent Type

Excellent show that flies a bit under the radar. 1st set is as good as it looks. I love the little jam they do on the back end of Bad Poker. 2nd set is a smoker. The SS gets into the same dance party type of jam that they’ve done in previous shows of '19. IDM > Ringo > Miami Virtue is the centerpiece of the 2nd set. The Ringo is crazy good and sandwiched right in between excellent versions of IDM and Virtue.

Absolutely worth a listen! Listen to the Ringo if you listen to nothing else from this one.

Yeah I remember liking this one when it happened. I’ll have to listen back.

I’m kinda surprised this one doesn’t get talked about more around here. Pretty underrated show just based on the lack of chatter about this one. But it’s solid as hell.

I’m sure it’s just overshadowed by the monster FL run. And tbh, I think I remember the setlist thread on the interim Bort popping off pretty hard

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Good point! That FL run was a beast of epic proportion.