2019/08/22 - The Signal - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Set I
Pre-recorded Intro>
Wife Soup>
Believe the Lie
Great American>
Runnin’ With the Devil>
Great American
Whistle Kids>
Wife Soup

Set II
Dump City
Front Porch>
Don’t You Forget About Me (with Karl Engelmann on the La Las)>
Front Porch
Pay the Snucka

Last Man Swerving>

Met up with my brother for this show and upon running into him he said “yeah I heard some dude name Colin was going to be on lights for this show” V4j’d

This first set was not very noob-friendly but the second was. Had a ton of fun introducing some new friends to UM at my hometown show last year though. Great setlist. And that Dump, she’s a huge one :slight_smile:

Some gems in here. Feel like Chattanooga always delivers. Was worth the early morning drive back to class.

Crazy that your friends got BtL, Keefer, Kula, FP, Don’t You (Forget about Me), and LMS in their first show.

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Great thing about 2019 is that there are plenty of improv heavy shows and then there are shows like this one with really wild setlists and a bunch of rarities. And there are still a few excellent jams in Soup, Dump, Deeper and Great American.

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The show’s a really fun listen. The 12 year old in me thinks a JO title like Punchable Face is hilarious! But in all seriousness I really like the 1st set