2019/07/19 - Virginia Credit Union Live - Richmond, VA

Set 1: Nipple Trix > Bridgeless, Roctopus, Push & Pull > All In Time > Wife Soup, Miami Virtue > Bridgeless

Set 2: Wappy Sprayberry > Deeper > Whistle Kids -> 40’s Theme, Attachments > Ramble On, Den

Encore: Hangover > All In Time

This show gets no respect, and was incredibly fun. Other than the RR run, this was the most fun I had at a show all year (I saw “better” shows).

The Bridgeless, AiT, and Attachments are all great…and from Attachments to the end of the show is straight heat. I have listened to that segment more than a handful of times this year and it never gets old. Not a SOTY by any stretch, but definitely a hidden gem imo.

I’ll have to go back and listen. I remember the first set being solid and the second set being pretty terrible.