2019/07/03 - House of Blues - Anaheim, CA


Set 1: Bathing Digits > Hurt Bird Bath, Similar Skin[1] > 2nd Self, The Linear[2] > Spires

Set 2: All In Time -> Syncopated Strangers > Ocean Billy, Resolution > Glory, Hot for Teacher, Maybe Someday

Encore: Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > All In Time

[1] with Body and Soul (William Onyeabor) teases
[2] with Regulate (Warren G) jam, and Sailing (Christopher Cross) and Roundabout (Yes) teases

with YYZ and Spirit of the Radio (Rush) teases before Resolution

I ended up buying this one on Father’s Day, and well…color me impressed! This show is just flat-out amazing.

After the Bathing Digits JO opener, the show kicks off with a very nice HBB that quickly evolves into a fun dance rock party as soon it gets into the jam section - very well done! While I haven’t listened to every version of Similar Skin, this is the first time I’ve heard Similar Skin also become a dance rock party (albeit not quite as energetic as the HBB). It’s an excellent version of SS. The 2nd Self is pretty solid, and Jake interjects some of his trademark chug into the verses, giving this 2nd Self a pretty different, but fun feel. This Linear might just be the MVP of the first set. Besides being one of my favorite UM compositions, this particular version is both uplifting and gorgeous. It reminds me a bit of the Seattle '13 Linear. Whether or not this version is better than Seattle '13 is up in the air for me - I’ve only listened to this Linear 3 times so far. However, it’s my favorite song of the first set. The Spires that follows is pretty good. Nothing particularly noteworthy, although it does take on a bit of a slower bluesy vibe in the 2nd half of the song.

AIT for the 2nd set opener? Hey, why not? This AIT continues with the feel-good, dance-rock vibe that the show has carried show. The Synco is standard-great - I would’ve loved to have heard them stretch this one out longer, but that’s me picking nits. This version of Billy is rather interesting. Kicks off in pretty much the standard way, and then heads off into a chilled-out almost dub-style jam. This jam stays in cruise control for awhile and then the sudden heavy guitar chug to bring it back to Ocean Billy proper kicks back in. It’s a great version! The Reso is quite solid and segues into Glory for a cool-down period. The band has some fun with Hot For Teacher, with Myers on vocals, of course, and the lyric change to “Anaheim, you missed us. We’re back!” is pretty humorous. Maybe Someday finishes off the 2nd set with a solid version.

For the encore, this Tribute starts off at a slower bluesier pace than usual for about half of the track and then picks up to normal speed in the 2nd half. And then comes a nice 2nd AIT to wrap things up.

All in all, this is a fantastic show. Easily the best show UM has played in SoCal since 3/17/11. Fun, energetic dance-rock party. UM were clearly enjoying themselves on this night given the loose, fun vibe of this show.

Nice review. This Linear peak is soo huge, the Regulate & Sailing teases sprinkled in work really well too.

I really like the AIT jam, it is very It’s About That Time-esque for me, which is a big reason why I like the 2019 sound: it has a lot of that funkier side of jazz-fusion groove.

This Linear has gotten a lot of listens, whole jam is great but especially love BB’s riff throughout the peak. I probably slightly prefer the Seattle version, but they’re on the same level.

You should check out 4/4 Linear

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I gave that a listen a week or so ago for the first time since last year, also incredible. Don’t think I’d rank it ahead of the other 2, but haven’t heard it on a good sound system yet so tough to say. 10/30/10 also in the convo for GOAT version.

This is one of the best Similar Skins of all time. Both sections of the A/B jam are tremendous and when it kicks in to the heaviness at 10 minutes it gets me so fucking pumped. The way it segues back into the main riff is as perfect as I’ve ever heard. I’ve revisted this jam so much…it may not be the longest, but there is so much replay value here.


That Sim Skin jam covers a ton of ground in 8 1/2 minutes, you’re exactly right about the super smooth transition out if the jam.

But, this Linear is where it’s at. I think the only better one I can think of is Seattle 13. The way they start building up the peak on this thing from 11:30 - 12:30 with the chugging groove from Jake and the more melodic grooving lead from Bayliss is the sweet spot. And then it just goes absolutely next level, with Jake grabbing the lead and just firing off that mini solo from 12:55 - 13:10…jawdropping. There are two or three moments in this peak where the band licks in so hard on the groove, it’s just perfection.


This Linear is the MVP of the show, no question! To me, it’s their best one since Seattle '13. I love the original song itself as it is - I call it the best Rush song that Rush never wrote - it has a very mid-80s Rush vibe to it. The jam in this Linear, though…damn.