2019/02/15 - Brooklyn Steel - Brooklyn, NY

I: Maybe Someday > Push & Pull, Red Tape, Example 1 > Night Nurse > Little Gift, Wife Soup, What You Need[1]

II: Plunger > Turn & Dub, Fat Man in the Bathtub[1], Bad Friday[1], August[2]

E: Much Obliged[3] > Kula

[1] with Mike Maher on trumpet, Chris Ott on trombone, and Dan White on tenor saxophone
[2] with Human Nature (Michael Jackson) intro from Ryan; with Isaac Teel and Jake on percussion
[3] unfinished

LATE ANNIVERSARY BUMP to my favorite Plungie. JOTY 2019 for me and this second set in general is basically perfect. August could have been better but you already know how it’s gonna be when they drop a jam vehicle 60+ minutes into set 2.

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I think I have come around to the idea that this Plunger is as good or better than 8.15.19. That said, the Mantis from the next night is better than both of them.

Great show, though, top 5 of 2019 for sure. Love the Little Gift, Red Tape, Plunger > Turn & Dub, and Bad Friday jam w/ horns works so well. Turn & Dub jam is like a different take on the 2/2/19 It Doesn’t Matter, and I am here for it. That Khruangbin-esque spaghetti western psychadelic groove shit is my jam.

I think I’m going to throw this stream up on twitch at 7:30 EST.




That Maybe Someday was pretty flubby, love the Red Tape though…


Stasik was trying to back out of that Red Tape pretty early. I’m glad they ditched those cheesy video effects.

Edit: nvm

Edit 2: seriously wtf lol this is making me nauseous

Yeah those effects are pretty dumb. Pointless. Tourgigs’d

Plunger > Turn & Dub…doesn’t get old.

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Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of this Maybe Someday myself. The Red Tape, though, is KILLER! I do love this Plunger, though, although I like the 8/15 one a smidge better. This Plunger gets weird, but in an awesome way. I dig the Turn & Dub, too, but I’ve also never heard a Turn & Dub I didn’t like. The Bad Friday with the horns and sax? Yes, please!!

PlunJOTY anniversary bump. Only good jam UM has ever played

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Not even best plunger of 2019


And yet somehow the greatest UM jam ever

Damn can’t believe this plungie has been part of my life for two years now.

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Best multi night run of the decade?

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Feels like just yesterday I was waiting on a train in Brooklyn texting @opsopcopolis for track times

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Best buy 2012?

2/15 > 8/15 Plungie fam rise up. Best recent 3 night run I can think of. God damn I love 2019 UM


Only good year of UM

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Agreed fam

Great show, a little flubby at times but great setlist, awesome mix of long exploratory jams and shorter punchier jams. Feel like this Little Gift is super underappreciated

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Love the Little Gift. I remember thinking 2/14 was a better overall show, but after listening to both yesterday, I think I like this one more.