2019/02/14 - Brooklyn Steel - Brooklyn, NY

I: Crucial Taunt, Blue Echo, Morning Song, Bridgeless -> Seasons, Rocker Part 2, I Wanna Be Your Lover

II: Ringo[1], Day Nurse > 1348, The Linear > E.T.I. > Sludge & Death > Booth Love > Bridgeless

E: Divisions[2]

[1] with YYZ (Rush) teases
[2] with Baba O’Riley (The Who) teases

This show is so dank. Blue Echo, Ringo and 1348 are all top notch versions with unique jams. Blecho reminds me of older stewy jamming, Ringo has such an awesome chord progression and the atmospheric way that the 1348 plods along is great. I also like this Bridgeless even though I remember a lot of people not liking how it goes from @cshore jamming to mellow uplifting pre-Seasons jamming. The show kinda slows down once Linear gets ETI’d but still 3 epic highlights