2017/05/18 - The Norva - Norfolk, VA

Set 1: Bathing Digits > Rocker Part 2, Miami Virtue > North Route > Example 1, Power of Soul > Mulche’s Odyssey

Set 2: Der Bluten Kat > Hunger Strike[1] > Der Bluten Kat, Booth Love, Spires > We’re Going to War, 2nd Self > All In Time

Encore: Hajimemashite > Glory > Hajimemashite

[1] debut, Temple of the Dog

Hunger Strike was played in remembrance of Chris Cornell

Purchase via UMLive : 05.18.2017, The NorVa, Norfolk, VA

Another solid anniversary today. I think the Spires is my favorite jam from this show, but the MV, Ex1, and DBK all have solid improv. RIP Cornell

my tape: https://archive.org/details/um2017-05-18.CM33