2015/09/26 - Music Farm - Charleston, SC

I: Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Make It Right, Bridgeless > Ringo, Wife Soup, Final Word -> Bridgeless

II: Hurt Bird Bath, No Diablo, Wappy Sprayberry > In Bloom, 1348[1] > August

E: In The Kitchen[2] > 1348

[1] with Woody Woodpecker theme (Tibbles/Idriss) teases
[2] unfinished

HBD to probably a top 5 show for me. One of the best Ringo’s out there and don’t sleep on this Wappy.

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Yeah, it’s up there somewhere for me.

Yeah, other than In Bloom this show is pretty much perfect. Def a top 5 show for me.

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Was this the power outage show? It’s funny they played In Bloom there in 2013 as well which is one of my all time favorite shows. This show smokes also

I think power outage show was N1. God damn that might have been one of the sweatiest shows I’ve been to.

This is a top 5 show for me.

Same here dude. Don’t really think there was too much memorable from the first two nights but this show absolutely smokes. Can’t think of a better 2015 show.

The Phil’s Farm from second night? is really good. Other than that, nothing haha

HBD to a top 5 UM show for me. Only time in Charleston and I had a great time. This show is absolute heat front to back.


One of my favorites!

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It’s the last truly exceptional show I caught. Great improv all around


This show and St Pete 2019 were the two best UM shows I’ve seen the last 6 years.