2015/08/09 - Frederik Meijer Gardens - Grand Rapids, MI

I. Mullet (Over), No Diablo [1] > End of the Road, Southern Cross [2], Phil’s Farm, FF > Resolution [3] > Booth Love [4]

II. Go to Hell, Remind Me, Cut the Cable, Gents > Pay the Snucka (pt. III), Wappy Sprayberry > Robot World > Miami Virtue

E. Rock the Casbah > Glory

1 - with outro JO, 12/30/11 Plunger repeated Stew & The Fish (Yes) teases
2 - Brendan on acoustic
3 - “Attachments” Lyrical Stew
4 - Xxplosive teases

This is a great show even though I can’t remember much aside from the Attachments stew being awesomely new. Defintley listened to this 1st set a ton around that time.

This was one of my favorite UM experiences ever. The venue is so nice, you can stretch out on the lawn and still get a good view and great sound.

After the Mullet, No Diablo opening I was thinking this would be another pedestrian show at this venue similar to 7/3/13, but then No Diablo got a jam and the rest of the first set was crazy good. Outstanding improv in Phil’s, FF and No Diablo, and the Reso is a good one too.