2014/10/31 - House of Blues - Boston, MA

2014/10/31 - House of Blues - Boston, MA

Set 1: 1348 > In The Kitchen, Ocean Billy > 1348, Hajimemashite > Mail Package[1], Bad Friday, Educated Guess, Walk This Sweet Funk Emotion[2]

Set 2: The Triple Wide > Tiny Cities Made of Ashes > The Triple Wide, Give It To Mama Jama[3], All In Time > Glory > Ocean Billy, Nothing Too Fancy > All In Time, Puppet String, National Loser Anthem[4]

Encore: Lenny, Strangletage[5]

[1] with Entrance of the Gladiators (Julius Fučík) teases
[2] debut; Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith) + Walk This Way (Run–D.M.C.) + Funk 49 (James Gang) mash-up; Brendan, Jake, Joel, and Ryan on percussion
[3] debut; She’s A Bad Mama Jama (Carl Carlton) + Give It To Me Baby (Rick James) mash-up
[4] debut; National Anthem (Radiohead) + Loser (Beck) + In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) mash-up
[5] debut; Sabatoge (Beastie Boys) + Stranglehold (Ted Nugent)

Band costumes: Brendan was Run-D.M.C.C. DeVille, Jake was Devo Snyder, Joel was Clark Kent Tekulve > Super Manny Ramirez, Andy was Slaxl, Kris was Weird Al Pacino, and Ryan was Hasidic Julia Roberts
Welcome to the Jungle quote and Mr. Brownstone tease (both Guns 'N Roses) before Lenny