2014/04/03 - Greenfield Lake Amphitheater - Wilmington, NC

2014/04/03 - Greenfield Lake Amphitheater - Wilmington, NC

Set 1: Cummins Lies > Bridgeless > Water, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Andy’s Last Beer, Example 1, Room to Breathe, Much Obliged > Bridgeless

Set 2: The Floor, Mail Package, Miami Virtue > Raymond, Sociable Jimmy, Nemo > Night Nurse > Nemo, 40’s Theme

Encore: Making Flippy Floppy[1]

[1] with Hurt Bird Bath jam

day late bump. This is probably up there as one of my favorite shows attended. This venue is so awesome and was fairly empty, weather was absolutely gorgeous and I was also very high. This Much Obliged is definitely the standout jam of the first set but the song selection otherwise was very on point for me. Second set was jammier although nothing went too far out there. Sociable Jimmy had a very nice spaced out bliss jam and the night nurse jam went very quickly into evil middle eastern metal territory. 40’s closer and MFF encore is a great way to end a show in my eyes. This was also probably the most fun I’ve had watching Jake play. Again, I was very high, but he was straight dealing all night and there wasn’t any of the fucking around that he can do sometimes (a lot of the time). Anywho, sorry for the rambling but I have very fond memories of this show

Jilzie has this CD in her car. I’ve listened to this show a million times

This fact alone should make you confident in your decision to marry

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