2013/03/23 - House of Blues - Sunset Strip - West Hollywood, CA

2013/03/23 - House of Blues - Sunset Strip - West Hollywood, CA

Set 1: There’s No Crying In Mexico > Bridgeless > Anchor Drops, Wappy Sprayberry[1] > Bridgeless, Wife Soup, Der Bluten Kat[2] > I Got Love[3] > Der Bluten Kat

Set 2: Mulche’s Odyssey[4], Divisions > Plunger[5] > Hangover[6], The Triple Wide > Divisions

Encore: Andy’s Last Beer, The Song Remains the Same[7]

[1] with Thriller (Michael Jackson) teases
[2] with Jake on keys
[3] debut, Nate Dogg; with Clayton Halsey on vocals and Brendan on keys
[4] with Under the Influence (Eminem) tease from Ryan
[5] Fletch Theme (Harold Faltermeyer) and Voices Inside My Head (The Police) teases
[6] with Garbage Man (Ike Turner and the Family Vibes) tease
[7] with Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) ending

Support: The Bright Light Social Hour

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Underrated gem right here.

Solid jams in Bridgeless, nice wapp, nice dbk.

Then the second set…slick ass segues, great jamming, and my favorite version of Plunger. Can’t emphasize the Plunger enough. 🪠 🪠 🪠.

Check this one out if you haven’t.

Never heard this before. Thanks for the rec! Just made it through the first set. You right, great jams in bridgeless and Wappy. Jake showed shades of 11/5/11 Haunt in bridgeless.

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Great show. All the improv is solid. Made for a fun drive to ATL this morning.