2006/02/11 - The Orpheum Theatre - Madison, WI

2006/02/11 - The Orpheum Theatre - Madison, WI

Set 1: Sociable Jimmy, Get In The Van, Uncle Wally > Push the Pig[1] > Utopian Fir > Divisions > Utopian Fir > Slacker

Set 2: The Triple Wide > Syncopated Strangers, Der Bluten Kat[2], Hangover[3], Pay the Snucka[4]

Encore: All In Time

[1] with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) teases; ended with Dear Prudence (The Beatles) jam
[2] with Brendan, Jake, and Ryan joining Joel on the keys; with The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) tease and Gold Digger (Kanye West) jam and quotes
[3] with Milestones (Miles Davis) teases
[4] with Du Hast (Rammstein) quote

This is the best UM that has ever happened. Divisions, DBK, hangover, Snucka are all timers. Especially DBK.

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I love this show so much, particularly the 1st set. A+ song selection. Sat in the front row of the balcony, Jake side, which made it feel like you were on top of the stage.

I wouldn’t have even been there if my then-“wife” hadn’t gotten hammered, caused a bit of a scene, and then left the Rave show the night before at set break. She felt bad the next day so she bought us tickets for the Orpheum show and at least pretended to enjoy it. We didn’t last too much longer after that weekend but this show and that experience sticks with me for sure.


100% agree on set 1. The song selection is perfect, all bangers. Uncle Wally is fam, PtP>Dear Prudence is chill. Fir>Divisions>Fir>Slacker!! Perfect set. Then set 2 burned the house down.

We sat in in lower seats. Amazing room, only time I went there.