2005/04/16 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI

2005/04/16 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI

Set 1: Intro > 2nd Self, Believe the Lie, Raymond > 40’s Theme[1], Hangover[2] > Robot World[3] > Mail Package > Immigrant Song[4]

Set 2: The Triple Wide[5] -> Baba O’Riley, Uncle Wally[6] > Padgett’s Profile, In The Kitchen, White Man’s Moccasins, The Bottom Half

Encore: YYZ

[1] with Gangsta Gangsta (N.W.A.) and Diamond in the Back (Ludacris) quotes from Brendan
[2] with Soul Food II teases
[3] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics; with Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne) jam
[4] one verse only
[5] began with Boys of Summer (Don Henley) tease
[6] with Woody Woodpecker Theme (George Tibbles and Ramey Idriss) and Thunderstruck (AC/DC) teases

with America, Fuck Yeah (from Team America: World Police) quote before YYZ
last Raymond 12.13.2003 (184 shows)