2003/10/10 - The Mad Frog - Cincinnati, OH

2003/10/10 - The Mad Frog - Cincinnati, OH

et 1: Prowler > Syncopated Strangers, Blue Echo > Miss Tinkle’s Overture > Mulche’s Odyssey, Kat’s Tune, Uncle Wally, Señor Mouse

Set 2: Hajimemashite > Visions > Glory > In the Flesh?[1] > Another Brick in the Wall[2] > Anchor Drops, Push the Pig[3], Wife Soup, Kimble, Winston Built the Bridge

Encore: Roulette

[1] started with Another Brick in the Wall Part I (Pink Floyd) tease
[2] part I
[3] with Ring Around the Rosie teases and Bright Size Life (Pat Metheny) jam; with Nick Blasky on bass, Brad Myers on guitar, and possibly Eli Hludzik on drums and percussion

with “Charge!” tease from Kris and Winston Built the Bridge (Bump) quote from Jake after Roulette