2002/06/01 - Wright's Landing - Plymouth, IN

2002/06/01 - Wright’s Landing - Plymouth, IN

Set 1: The Fussy Dutchman, Example 1 > The Haunt > Soul Food I > Water, Mullet (Over), All Night Long[1], Q*Bert[2], Hurt Bird Bath

Set 2: Dr. Feelgood > Syncopated Strangers, August[3] > Blue Echo, Ask Me No Questions, The Crooked One, FF, Last Man Swerving[4], Pay the Snucka[5], Last Call

Encore: The Song Remains the Same

[1] with Jake on timbales
[2] with Winkie Chant (Wizard of Oz) tease
[3] with Dear Prudence (The Beatles) teases
[4] with The Funeral March (Chopin) tease from Joel
[5] with Gary “Dope Rhymes” Stanfield rapping

All Night Long was dedicated to South Bend City.
with Panama (Van Halen) tease and quote and The Funeral March (Chopin) tease before The Song Remains the Same