2002/02/05 - Cicero's - St. Louis, MO

2002/02/05 - Cicero’s - St. Louis, MO

Set 1: Dump City > Phil’s Farm, Thin Air > Flying > Big Bottom, Gesture Under a Mitten, Drums[1] > Space Funk Booty, The Haunt > Bass solo > America the Beautiful[2], St. Hubbins Mach 2[3]

Set 2: Ringo > Kabump > Roulette, Trenchtown Rock -> Tribute to the Spinal Shaft -> Push the Pig, Ask Me No Questions -> Padgett’s Profile -> Andy’s Last Beer > Padgett’s Profile

[1] Andy and Mike with Jake
[2] Brendan, Andy, and Jake on percussion
[3] debut, original; Joel played solo over multiple loops and left the stage as the loops continued

with The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) and Unskinny Bop (Poison) teases before Gesture Under a Mitten
with Dueling Banjos (Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith) tease after Space Funk Booty
with Ain’t Talkin’ 'bout Love (Van Halen) tease before Trenchtown Rock
with The Safety Dance tease before Ask Me No Questions