07/23/2022 - Horning's Hideout - North Plains, OR

Fuck you bro :joy:


Boycott Nugs release the tapes :triumph:

It’s up

Disappointed so far unfortunately

Even my overenthusiastic @ass thinks this was a garbage throwaway show. Not really looking forward to Alaska.


+1. JRAD and Del Band also killed. Most everything else i saw was just ok, but i was only watching the webcast from home.

worst single performance from what i saw was easily Kitchen Dwellers and Lindsay Lou covering No Doubt’s ‘Spiderweb’. i don’t get the appeal for either of those acts. :face_vomiting:

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My man

did you see the Kitchen Dweller’s set? just curious as to what you don’t like, vocals or the banjo would be my guess. Torin has a very unique style of playing the banjo that came from learning to play the banjo the wrong way when he started.

Yeah, this is interesting. I’ve been pretty vocal about not being a bluegrass guy. But I LOVE what I’ve heard from the Dwellers

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and this horning show is hot. they debuted an Aunt Avis cover too

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Finally listened to this show. Honestly this is better festy set than I would have expected.

The Can’t You See cover was not very good. Nothing like having the frontman from a stagnating jam band sit-in with a stagnating jam band to cover a song they’ve been stagnating on and covering for years.




watched it on the webcast. don’t love dude’s vocals, but don’t mind the banjo style at all. the cover was pretty cringe though. it was mostly Lindsay Lou tbh.

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Yeah, looks like that was during her set. The wife and I used to go to greensky shows with people who got there ridiculously early. This one time I was semi-ripping the Lindsey Lu opening set and I was sitting directly behind her parents. Awkward.

I have seen her do an I believe It Hurts Me Too though.

The vocals are real gritty, definitely not for everybody.

Its a pretty safe cover to play with a well known bluegrass singer on the opposite end of the country, in front of a crowd not very familiar with Umphreys. Im sure people ate it up big time.

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That is all true, but they have done this one many times before with Paul and this is the roughest it’s ever sounded.

Undeniable that normies that don’t obsess and bitch about this band would enjoy it anyway.

I was treated to the AVL version with Anders, so hearing them continue to do it without Anders would feel neautered for sure

Bob Seeger sucks

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Definitely heard a guy behind me praising it as the best cover of the weekend. People were eating that shit up.
It gave me flashbacks to getting Taylor Hicks’d in Austin and I wasn’t going for it. Get Paul off of the stage and stop fucking it up.